Easter 2016 in Memory

The Blood of Jesus Set Us Free. That is the greatest news! 

For us at the World Missions Centre, Abidjan Ivory Coast, last year 2016’s Easter was a great time of bringing to people the word of God, the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus.

Our team was out in Anono, an Ebrie Community in the heart of Abidjan the capital of the Ivory Coast. We were able to reach over 500 people in an open air preaching and one-on-one style evangelism as well as feed kids and adults with breakfast. We give God praise for all He did.

Here are highlight of our humble state outreach. The truth is that many people heard the gospel and rejoiced at the word of the Lord.

Anono Community

Arrival and Waiting
Getting ready

Feeding the hungry
Announcing the Love of Jesus

David, with his new friends of Jesus. The received Christ with joy!
Our team mate Elisa (middle) with her new found friends

Our Team of the Day, Photographer at post

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