B Y   D A V I D   P A M   M C Q U E L

Truly exceptional peace
I came in exhausted.
Welcome daddy” the kids roared full of life. But I was cold. I looked beaten and exhausted
I looked at them and tried to force a smile. Then literally dropped the laptop bag on the sofa. The excitement nosedived.
“Poor kids” I thought beneath my breathe. They have no idea.
There are lots of things I would rather not do. They are complicated, demanding, frustrating and excruciating. Although they turn out to be a big blessing. But hard work is hard. No debate about it. And can I add “tough”?
Immediately after the morning worship with family, I rushed into the shower complaining about both the less sleep I had last night and the fact that I’m already late to this morning’s appointment.
I kicked the door open, ejected myself out while adjusting the tie.
I was outside with I heard the kids shooting their bye bye daddy.
I did reply, but I was at the main gate. Did they hear me? Did they not? When, I guess the know I will answer. If not with my mouth, at least with a smile.
I barely got to the rendezvous  on time. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t often get to appointments late. This was one of those rat-racing days.
It is exceptional to find strength when many things seem to be falling apart. You can’t blame those end up depressed, those who lose their minds or those who unfortunately turned to suicide. All three are not the way to go. Life’s pressures are truly crushing.
For those of us in Christ, we are not called to just bear the burdens of life, grinning.
In 1Peter 5:7
“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”
Scripture did not say we should just throw away our anxieties. It says specifically to cast all our anxieties on HIM. Sort of, give it to him.
We are to give our anxieties to HIM!
What is the Lord going to do with our anxieties? Annihilate it! He will destroy all. God will not just give us relief. He destroys our anxieties.
Well, so that evening I came home exhausted. I relaxed for a while and then had something to eat and I was up again. Giving thanks to God who causes us to triumph in all things.
Jesus is the best hope for the depressed. Jesus is the only source of life to the dying. God is a miracle worker. There is hope for everyone who believes in Jesus. There is not just a ray of hope but a floodlight of hope.
What will be the worst if your put your trust in God? Probably better than you have ever dreamed. There are thousands biblical examples of those who trusted in God and got better off. And there are millions of examples in modern times of God breaking burdens from those who trust in Him.
And this scripture is such an anchor in my heart. Romans 10:11
                “’As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.”’
Trust in the Lord my friend, and you will be saved not just from shame, but from everything the satan puts on man. You will enjoy an exceptional peace.
If you need Jesus, turn your life to Him. God raised Jesus from the dead, having died for you. That’s the price paid for your salvation. Do you believe Him?
If you do, pray this prayer:
                Dear Father God, you love me so very much. You sent Christ to die for me. I thank you for                  this grace. I open my heart to you. Come into my heart Jesus. Be my Lord and Saviour. Be                   my master and ruler. I will serve you all my days. Thank you Jesus for saving me. I am                         now a child of God.
If you prayed this truly, if you believe in your heart, then you are saved. You need to grow your new found faith.
Leave us a comment here and we can give you the first steps to growing up.
God bless you.

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