B Y   D A V I D   P A M    M c Q U E L

There has been this conflict between some of the bearers of faith and the bearers of science. And for a long time, many on both sides have argued that both cannot cohabit.


Those arguing for faith think it is lack of faith to look up to medicine. There are arguments is that God is able to do anything and everything. Jesus healed all the sick during the days of his ministry on earth. He is the same today as he was back then. Jesus said, with faith nothing will be impossible. Matthew 17:20


You cannot argue with that. Everything they say is true.


The other side deny miracles, healings and faith. To them it is foolishness. In fact, some who depend only on science consider talk of faith and healing as total irresponsibility and ignorance of science.


Well that is not exactly correct. I know well trained medical practitioners who personally live by faith with little or no medical assistance.


In 1992, while I served a church in Bakin Kogi, Kaduna State of Nigeria, I got introduced to a surgeon in Kafanchan who had a private clinic. Dr. Sam Okoye, was the founder of Wisdom Clinic, Enugu Street Kafanchan.


Two things were running right for him until God spoilt the show.


He was gaining famous and 60% of the residence of the city of Kafanchan were getting to know and trust him. He provided quality affordable medical service with compassion. Business was booming and he just got himself and very fine dazzling wife.


What else could a young surgeon wish for? Life was good. Work, make money, booze and party. Everything was fine. His wife wanted a godly husband though.

Suddenly, his friends one after the other started having an encounter with God. One by one, each of his friend accepted the Lord Jesus and because to introduce Christ to Sam.


Not only that, they will not socialize with him as before. No booze, no party and no “fun”. This new life in Christ was unnerving. He was upset with Christ for snatching his friends away. More distressing was the fact that his wife agreed with his friends, calling him to Christ.


Shortly after, he came down from egotistical high horse, opened up to at least listen to this foolishness. He was afraid he would agree with them that he does need Christ.

And sure, he did!


Shortly after, one glorious day, he confessed Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. He was deeply persuaded by the explanation of what Jesus actually did for him on the cross. His life was filthy. That he needed not any explanation. He badly needed change. His heart was dark, lost and death.


His change was so spectacular. He embraced Christ so wholeheartedly that his view of life, the values and principles that matter in life was so radically different, immediately. Like a little kid, he started reexamining everything, his way of thinking, his way of making choices and decision and how he did his job.


While he was at it, he noticed something very phenomenal – Compassion.


He saw his patients with a different compassionate perspective. They were no longer tools that brought him money. It was no longer how much they could pay for his service. In fact, it was no longer how much came into the account each day as it used to be.


It was now, how many people’s health got better today?

Then he began to care for his patients better for the right reason, care. Then he began to ask if he could pray for those who came with very difficult conditions. Surprisingly, even though half of his patients were muslims, they did not only accept prayers, they asked him to pray for them in Jesus name.


He began to both pray for them and serve them medically. The most incredible thing for Dr. Okoye was how God was intervening is very difficult situation. The most prominent was child births. Many women who faced caesarian at the general hospital and could not afford the cost with come to his clinic because even thought it was a private clinic, his bills were reasonably lower.


Then he decided to pray from every woman who had been told she couldn’t have babies naturally. And ALL of them, with no exceptions had the easiest natural births. His fame went wild. And he stayed humble and had practically no time for rest.


Besides that, he treated the poor for either free or told them to go whatever they could afford whenever they can come and pay. Of course, some never came back to pay, but he rejoiced that they were well.

About a year or so, God led him to move to Suleja, which was closer to Abuja so he can serve a very wider population. It was the hardest thing he ever did. His patients in Kafanchan were in tears and he was in tears. It was like a divorce. He loved the people and they appreciated him so much and couldn’t imagine him leaving. But then he had to leave.


It was the saddest day in the city of Kafanchan.


When medicine and god’s healing power work together, the impact is beyond description. We should glorify God in whatever career God takes us into.


It unwise to think that medical heal is not necessary today or ever. However, it will be disastrous to think faith, healing and miracles are heresy.


Ultimately, we need God more than any help man can offer.


Therefore, everything begins with trusting God with your life. You need Jesus Christ in your heart as Lord and Saviour. Our spirits need healing first before our bodies.


If you realize that you need Jesus now in your life, could you say this simple prayer to invite him into your life. This is the pray God answers faster than any.



“Lord Jesus, thank you for Loving me. I believe the Father sent you into the world to save me from sin and death. I open my heart today and invite you into my life. From this day forward, you will be my master and ruler. Thank you for saving my life. Amen.”


If you prayed this honestly from your heart, leave us either a comment or an email: updates.worldmissions@gmail.comand we will share with you ways to grow your new found faith.







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