BY     R H O N D A   C O C R O F T     P O W E L L

I want to encourage and empower my Christian brethren today to speak the truth in love. Most of my life I have tried to be a “people pleaser”. I hate it when people don’t like me, talk about, hurt me. I struggled with severe anxiety as a child and as a teenager. On the outside everything looked good and fine, but on the inside, I was dying 😢.


When I came to know Jesus Christ at 17 years of age, many things changed for me. My newfound love for Jesus made me into a whole new person in Christ. The scales fell from my eyes and for the first time ever, I began to see the truth of God’s word.


Although I now had Jesus, I did not realize the work He would eventually do through me in the many years ahead. I would continue to struggle with my anxieties and fears, but the Lord has been gracefully breaking me to trust Him, and Him alone with each passing day.


I say all of this to say, if God can speak through a fearful, anxious, weak, discouraged lady like me, He can use you as a messenger of His truth as well. It is not natural or easy for me to speak out about or against anything, but I will do it until God takes me home.


I don’t know if any of you struggle like I do. I fall down way too often, sin more often than I should, spend wasted time and energy on things that don’t matter at all, but God in His love for me picks me up each time, brushes me off and send me on my way once again.


When you see me posting so often, it is not because I want to or I want to prove a point. I have tried many times to just “ignore ” the Holy Spirit and blend in with the crowd. It would be so much easier just to follow the crowd. My Father will not let me get away with my rebellion for one second. So, I must open my mouth and speak when He tells me to or I will be miserable until I get it right.


The blessings in being obedient to God’s call are many! He will empower and equip you with whatever you need to accomplish His will. He is turning this fearful, helpless woman into a bold warrior for Jesus Christ.


I have lost a many a friend, reputation, opportunity because of my uncompromising faith and boldness. Although each loss hurts, there is nothing worth being lukewarm in the faith. The person truly submitted to God will never regret one loss because the gains are so much more wonderful.


If you are struggling with taking a bold stance for Christ, please reconsider and join the fight. We truly need your voice and definitely your powerful intercessory prayers. I will have your back in prayer and in standing alongside of you in God’s word.


But, most of all, God will be right there with you. Why should we ever be afraid of any man, for any reason??? We are children of Almighty God. Our Father will fight for us (Deuteronomy 3:22). He will deliver us out of all of our troubles (Psalm 34:19)! He will deal with our enemies (Deuteronomy 31:6).


If we lack wisdom, He will give it to us every time (James 1:5). There is no weapon formed against us that will ever prosper (Isaiah 54:17). He loves us beyond measure (John 3:16)…cleanses us of all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).


We will live with Him for all eternity (Revelation 20:4-6). What more could we ask or hope for? Exceedingly, abundant, above all that we could ever ask or hope for! Praise be to God!!! In addition, the Lord will fulfill EVERY promise.


We have it all as God’s children! We know that He will do everything He said and so much more! Even in the upcoming election, I have absolutely no fear. God will do everything for His glory, even if temporarily God seems to be losing. My God works the best in the darkest hour. I love to see him down 100-0 at the two-minute warning and watch Him work miraculously!


Rest assure that He is never losing no matter what it seems like. I will trust my God to the death, if need be. I refuse to back away, back down, be bullied, be intimidated by anyone for any reason.


QUESTION: How do you intimidate a Born Again, Black Mama Christian who isn’t afraid to die for her Lord?




It is impossible to stop a sold-out out soldier for Jesus Christ. They cannot harm one hair on our head unless our Father allows it, and if He allows it, we still have nothing to fear.


Remember, God will always bless us and protect us in our obedience. It is when we walk in the flesh that we have no power and blessing in our lives. He is coming soon, but until that day, we must occupy until He comes.


“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31





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