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Special moments in Jesus’ life and ministry
The fact that Jesus came is indisputable. And many events doted His extraordinarily eventful life. His Birth in Bethlehem announced thousands of years ahead and marked by a mysterious appearing of a start more than 2000 miles away, His intriguing Baptism at Jordan market by the descend of the Holy Spirit in a dove form accompanied by God’s own voice from the open heavens in the hearing of all.

Then there was His mindboggling ministry with inexplicable transformation of sinners, never ever seen before dumbfounding miracles and healings, the spellbinding sermon on the mount, the miracles beyond documentation, the once in an eternity transfiguration of Christ on the mountain the presence of His disciples, the incredible suspension of gravity and His walking on the water.

Then came His dramatic arrest, the worst kangaroo court sessions in history which crafted his unjustifiable sentence to death though He was absolutely innocent, his crucifixion and death and His glorious heavenly resurrection.

It is hard to pick one out of all these as the most impactful, apart from his death and resurrection.

He came with a divine assignment
Jesus didn’t come here on earth looking of a job or better opportunities. He came because it was written about Him.

Psalm 40:7 ‘Then I said, “Behold, I come;
In the scroll of the book it is written of me.”’

 and Hebrews 10:7
Then I said, ‘Behold, I have come—
In the volume of the book it is written of Me—
To do Your will, O God.’ ”
His resolve and singleness of purpose
His endurance

There is one event that I will like to focus on, which is His extraordinary entrance into Jerusalem. This was as divine as other events in the life and ministry of Jesus.

The colt and its four distinctive characteristics:
a. A colt, not a horse. It is young, inexperienced, virgin and totally new.
The lesson here is that the reason why God makes us new creatures in Christ, eliminating old things and making all things new is so we can be exactly as a colt, just prepared for him. We don’t need to have physical features to used.

b. A donkey is the beast of burden that never complains, walks patiently at the pace that sufficiently serves the owner.
The Christian walk is not a fest. We need endurance, strength of character and physical stamina. It is not about speed; it is about consistency. The horse is known for speed, the donkey is known for endurance and consistency.

c. a donkey is one animals that walks looking down, never up.
Signifying humility and grace. Never arrogance or a haughty spirit. It goes on and on and on without complaining and without getting angry.

d. the donkey found his glory in carrying Christ.
What lesson do we learn from here? We can see that in carrying Christ, the donkey enjoyed the glory that belonged to Christ. When we carry His purpose and serve as a vehicle for Christ to change the world around us. Without carrying Christ, the donkey would never be known.

2. Jesus has been in Jerusalem so many times, in fact annually for several Jewish festivals. Bethany was not far from Jerusalem. Why did he need to ride on a donkey?
a. To fulfil old testament prophecy
b. To offer the owner of the donkey, those who went to untie it and the donkey itself to participate in what He was doing.
c. To prepare his for the epic event of His death

3. Jesus could have bought His own colt; His ministry was well financed. Why didn’t He disappear and miraculously reappear in Jerusalem? We know that all things were possible with Him.

Again we see all through the same pattern. At every turn of His life and ministry, people had roles to play. Mary had hers. Joseph had his role. Herod had his and Elizabeth hers. In the same manner, at the summit of His final leap, people were lined up play their role in God’s script.

b. notice that Jesus was precise about which donkey they were to bring, even though he had not see it with His eyes, He knew by the Spirit exactly where it was. He gave His disciples exact precise instructions.

God has precise instructions for each one of us concerning your role in spreading His kingdom and truth

c. the owner of the owner was quite available with a willing generous heart to give up the colt without a bargain as to how much will be paid for the service, the security and safety of its return. The Bible did not precise if the owner knew who the Lord they talked about was.

The lesson here is if we are as generous and available to give up those precious commercial or personal treasures for God’s purpose and spreading the gospel? What is it in your life that God cannot ask you to give up?

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